Why am I making a blog? I want to get a job. But. I've been thinking of sharing for a while. Once it was how to make beer. Right now... technology. I recently graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelors of Computer Science. When applying to a job this however, matters very little. And I understand. The skill set of my classmates through university was diverse. Not all of them could program or use Linux like I could. There were skillsets I lacked that I got help with from fellow classmates. Even the teachers had their specific skill sets.

So if my degree means very little, how do I land a job? Two ways: know someone, or have something that is like a signal flare. Something so bright that the recruiter/hiring manager has to wonder if they should bother reading any more resumes. Really... you should know someone. I thought of that before I was done with school. I started attending the Portland C++ Users Group for almost a year before covid and well, Covid. Knowing someone just got a lot more difficult.

This site is my signal flare. I looked through the top 50 jobs posted on LinkedIn for Software Engineer and recorded the skills required. By far, the top skills in my area was: aws, sql, java, javascript. Website work, hosting and coding. Can I make a website? Let me show you. What am I making? How am I hosting it? What technologies am I using? How did I learn them? Where is the source code? And many more questions to be answered in future posts.